Kathleen Velo

The camera-less photographic images in my various Water Flow projects capture the essence of water from below the surface of rivers, streams and other water sources in the Southwestern United States. The concept of water quality in the Southwest, and the inherent alchemy that occurs as a result of it, are the foundation of my current work. To make the images I wade directly into the water, at night, long after dark, and submerge color photographic paper. At the right moment, the paper is briefly exposed to a light source while underwater, to create a photogram of the water contents and movement. The alchemy of photographic emulsion combined with the minerals, salts, pollutants, and other elements in the water affect the colors of the photograms and create a unique documentation of the water contents. This rare perspective of under the surface of water creates beautiful and poetic meditations on water, as the force of life.

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